Draw Tite Clear No Run 325-NR (1) gallon.

(1) gallon Draw Tite Clear No Run 325-NR, water based torn drywall sealer, wallpaper primer.  Use to repair torn or damaged drywall.  Apply with 6" sponge roller.  Apply over torn drywall PRIOR to applying new drywall mud or texture. Less runny than Draw Tite Clear #325.  Covers 400-600 sq.ft.  Cleans with water.  Made by Scotch Paint Corp. Gardena, CA

Use this product on nightmare removals where the removal process causes drywall damage.
This condition typically occurs when wallpaper has been installed on bare drywall or poor paint or drywall texture with no wallpaper primer.

It is runny and similar to the consistency of water.  This consistency is needed for the resins in the Draw Tite to penetrate into the paper face of the drywall. 
It drys in about one hour.  It is relatively odorless.  It is environmentally friendly.

This version of Draw Tite is the Clear No Run version. 
It has the same properties of Draw Tite Clear but is a bit less runny than the Clear.

You may want to look at Draw Tite White.  It has the same properties of Draw Tite Clear No Run but is TINTABLE which allows you add tint so you can seal the wall with a darker color.

We sell this product because of our experience.  It is the ONLY drywall sealer that we will use.

As the name implies Draw Tite seals well and dries quickly.  It cleans up easily if still moist.  If you allow Draw Tite to dry for several hours it will be extremely difficult to remove.