Wallpaper Removal Power Sprayer Assembly

(1) Wallpaper Power Sprayer Assembly, includes 110 volt pump, shut off valve, regulator, power cord, supply hose, application hose, hose reel, spray wand with adjustable tip & 5 gallon supply/storage pail. Aircraft quality quick connect hose couplings.  Heavy duty commercial grade.  Ideal for wallpaper removal contractor. Not UL rated.  We developed this assembly for our removal technicians to use on large projects.  It takes only a few minutes to set up and tear down.  The supply hose gets the removal solution from the 5 gallon bucket or (in some cases) we insert the supply hose in a bathtub that we use as a supply reservoir.  The unit comes with 50' of hose with quick connects on each end.  The quick connects attach to the pump and the spray wand.  The spray wand is heavy duty.  The spray wand comes with an adjustable tip which allows you to vary the spray pattern from a small stream that will reach 20-30' to a 5' wide mist.  When used in a typical vacant bedroom it takes less than 2-3 minutes to spray the entire room.

If you think the $750.00 price is high it is because we developed this product for our own use and manufacture only a few per year.